Our first venture out with the new ADCP

Waters of the US

Yesterday, I was asked to comment on the Clean Water Rule – see VT news article. Ultimately, one of our most important roles is take the time and communicate the role of of science in all of our lives. Images are worth a thousand words…here is one that at least for now is still on the EPA’s website. This interactive map highlights all of the communities that rely on drinking water directly from our nation’s streams and rivers.


River Corridor Synthesis

This week I’ve been working with 13 other scientists from academia, USGS, and EPA at the Powell Center in Fort Collins. Over the next 2 years, I’m expecting to make significant advancements in the role of river corridors in modulating in-stream water quality across the US.


New River Synoptics….

Our group went out on the New River yesterday to capture a longitudinal profile of water quality above and below the Claytor Lake dam. Early in the morning, water was not moving through the turbines and DO was over 100%…but as soon as the turbines were turned on DO plummeted to < 50%. Bottom water from the reservoir will do that! The picture below is of Maddie, Tyler and Mohammad navigating downstream.