Our group is within the Biological Systems Engineering Department at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) in southwest Virginia. Our department has a core group of engineers/scientists focussing on many aspects of watershed science. We work closely with other faculty and graduate students across Virginia Tech, primarily in the departments of Biology, Civil/Environmental Engineering, Crop & Soil Environmental Sciences, Forestry, and Geosciences. Our work combines field-scale monitoring and experimentation, laboratory measurements and studies, and quantitative modeling.

PI: Durelle Scott (Scotty) – google scholar profile

Lab: Habb1 building on the corner of Duck Pond Drive and Washington Street (see map below)

Current Students and researchers:

Alyssa Ford, MS – defending summer 2020
Luke Goodman, PhD – starting summer 2020
Daniel Hildebrand, MS – defending summer 2020
Katherine Wardinski, MS candidate, started August 2019
Lucas Goodman, PhD candidate, starting August 2020
Mohammad Nayeb Yazdi, PhD – defended June 2020

Undergraduate HARP Team:

Miriam Badre, rising junior
Sarah Loomis, rising junior
Alex Lowe, rising sophomore
Kyle Lowe, rising sophomore
Nathaniel Abrahams, rising junior

Former Students:

Madeline Caudill, Environmental Engineer at Stantec
Elaina Passero, M.S. student at Colorado State University
Alex Domiano, Engineer at Ecosystem Planning and Restoration
Connor Brogan, MS 2018, Engineer at Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
Tyler Keys, PhD 2018, Ecohydrologist at CBEC ECO Engineering
Nathan Jones, PhD 2015, Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama
Breanne Ensor, MS 2016, Environmental Engineer at KCI
Dylan Cooper, MS 2016, Engineer at Trout Unlimited
Jean Janvier, BS 2017
Tyler Weiglein, BS 2015, Environmental Scientist in Strahm Group at Virginia Tech
Colette Julson, BS 2016, Engineer at Eastern Environmental Group (ERG)
Emma Withers, BS 2016, Field Engineer at FM Global
Joseph Kleiner, BS 2016, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
Robyn Goad, BS 2015, Americorps – The Nature Conservancy in West Virginia
David Strickland, BS 2015, graduate student
Lindsay Carr, BS 2015, USGS Center for Integrated Data Analytics
Kinsey Hoffman, MS 2015, Hazen and Sawyer
Katie Brill Shoemaker, MS 2014, Environmental Engineer at EEE consulting
David McCann, MS 2014, minister at NLCF in Blacksburg
Dan Torre, B.S. 2014, U. Delaware graduate student
Michael Nassry, Ph.D. 2013, research professor at Penn State
Andrew Vermilyea, postdoc 2010-2012, Associate Professor Castleton State
Jenae Pinney, M.S .2011, Whitman Requardt and Associates
Kyle Herrman, postdoc 2006-2008,  Associate Professor University Wisconsin Stevens Point
Stephen Walters, M.S., UNL 2010
Martha Griffith, M.S. UNL 2008