Claytor Lake

Claytor Lake

Yesterday we ventured 20 miles upstream of the Claytor Lake dam on the boat, measuring a suite of water quality variables. We then put in below the dam and floated another 2 miles. The water moving through the turbines and into the New River must have been bottom water, judging by the low DO (less than 50% saturation). 

Reservoir sampling 

This week we participated in a 24-hour sampling on a local reservoir with the Carey group. We performed boat Synoptics every 3 hours, and measured ch4/co2 from the reservoir every hour using the Picarro. Lots of fun (not much sleep), and some great meals!

Our new boat!

Enjoying our new boat on Claytor lake – looking forward to exploring River biogeo chemistry.

CO2 Monitoring in the Chesapeake Bay

This week we installed water quality sensors at 2 stations on the Chesapeake Bay –¬†we are using the CO2 sensors from Eosense to examine CO2 dynamics and ocean acidification. The information will ultimately help maximize shellfish production in hatcheries throughout the Chesapeake Bay.


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