Our lab is┬álocated within the recently built (2014) Habb1 building on main campus. The laboratory┬ácontains an instrumentation room and an adjacent wet lab. Current instrumentation allows us to measure water isotopes, carbon isotopes in DOC, DIC, and POC, anions, cations, nutrients, carbon quality, bacteria, sediment, %C, %N, and greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide). Field equipment includes a Sontek ADCP M9, YSI multiparameter sondes, NO3/DOC S:SCAN instruments, automated ISCO water samplers, and a 16′ Jon boat with a 40hp jet engine. Other equipment available through the BSE department and colleagues includes sediment instrumentation, surveying and stream gaging equipment, drones (LIDAR enabled helicopter, camera / video quadcopter), and field vehicles (trucks, gator).